Our Services

We see any alleged victim(s) referred by an investigative agency who are involved in an open investigation from a report made to the child abuse hotline. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept referrals made by parents, caregivers and/or family members. If you suspect a child is being abused and/or neglected, please call the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline 1-844-SAVE-A-CHILD to make a report.

Below is a list of the services that we provide.

Forensic Interviews

The purpose of the forensic Interviewing component is to provide an opportunity for alleged victims to disclose about maltreatment in a neutral, fact-finding interaction with a specially trained interviewer while utilizing a multi-disciplinary team approach. Forensic interviewers are trained to gather information in a developmentally-appropriate, legally- sound, non-leading, and non-suggestible manner. Our goal is to minimize trauma and the number of times a victim must tell their story.


The mission of the advocacy component is to afford each family an opportunity for success by networking them with community agencies and offering them continuing support. Every family is assigned an advocate when they walk through our doors. Our role is to offer assistance with any needs and be a support system throughout this process.

Medical Examinations

The mission of the medical component is to provide medical services for the purpose of cultivating healing and offering reassurance in order to instill hope in children during times of need. An on-site medical room is available for alleged victims that meet certain criteria for sexual assault nurse examinations (SANE).

If an exam is deemed necessary, a registered nurse that is additionally trained to conduct these exams will meet with the child and their family. An examination is conducted with the use of a magnification device called a colposcope designed to be non-invasive and painless. Any necessary evidence collection and treatment specific to sexual abuse allegations can occur at our center without having to refer the child and their family to a local hospital or physician clinic.

Residential Services

The purpose of residential services is to restore hope and dignity to women in crisis. We provide hope and healing through safe shelter that includes food, housing, and transportation. Beyond shelter, we provide life-changing services including therapy, advocacy, and mentor programming. 

Mental Health

The mission of the mental health component is to provide quality, holistic counseling services to children and their families by treating the whole child systemically in order to alleviate trauma symptoms and promote healing. Services include individual counseling, family counseling, and couples counseling. We offer several counseling approaches such as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Play Therapy, Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).


The purpose of the education component is to further our mission by providing child abuse prevention, awareness, and education to the community. We offer several trainings through our center. Please visit this page to see a list of our trainings and information on how to book.

Our Overall Goal

We strive to increase the ability of child abuse victims and their non-offending family members to lead lives free of abuse and the trauma they have experienced.

In a perfect world no child would be abused!


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