Each Tuesday, we showcase articles and resources that focus on the topic of child abuse and different ways that we as parents, caregivers, and community members can better protect children. These are also great tools to use when talking to children about safety.

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Summer Camp Safety Checklist

Summer break right around the corner and it sometimes brings with it unstructured and unsupervised time. If you’re thinking of registering your child for summer camp, consider doing some research to keep them safe while they’re away. Keep Kids Safe, an...

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101 Fun Things to do in the Summer

Summer break always offers lots of opportunity to build your kids up and make lasting memories! Check out this article by Parenting.com for “101 Fun Things To Do in the Summer” for this Tuesday Talk. Read the full article Latest...

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What to Know Before You Hire a Babysitter

With the kids out of school, you may be searching for a new babysitter. This Tuesday Talk features an article by Verywell Family on what to know before hiring a babysitter with helpful tips like monitoring your child’s behavior after you return home,...

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No Sleepovers – Why This is the Rule in My Family

Summer is always the time for sleepovers are probably on your child’s list of things to do. HowDoesShe features an article on the potential dangers that sleepovers can bring. Whether or not you allow sleepovers in your household is completely up to you....

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Keeping Kids Safe Online

What precautions do you take to keep your kids safe online? This featured article educates your child to understand the risks, as well as the rewards, of the Internet. Read the full article Latest Articles

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How to Get Your Child to Talk about Her School Day

Whether your child is at school all day, in daycare, at a friend’s house, or another similar place it is important for caregivers to be equipped with tools and resources on how to create a safe environment where their child can talk about the good...

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Keeping Kids Safe on Family Vacations

This article compiles a smart list of how to keep your family safe and secure on your next family trip with a few additions to your pre-vacation checklist. Read the full article Latest Articles

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Our Overall Goal

We strive to increase the ability of child abuse victims and their non-offending family members to lead lives free of abuse and the trauma they have experienced.

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