Third-Party Fundraising

1. Third-party fundraisers must submit an online Third-Party Fundraising Event Application at least 90 days prior to the proposed event date. If multiple events are being proposed, an application must be submitted for each.

2. The Children’s Advocacy Center of Benton County (CAC) Development Team must be notified immediately if any significant changes to the event are made after initial approval. The CAC holds the right to disassociate from the third-party fundraising event or decline said changes if changes do not adhere to CAC organizational mission, fundraising efforts, or event calendar.

3. Third-party fundraisers are responsible for staffing and soliciting its own volunteers. The CAC may not always have the ability to provide staff to attend all fundraisers, nor is the CAC able to coordinate volunteers.

4. The CAC reserves the right to attend and observe the third-party fundraiser free of charge.

5. Third-party fundraisers will not be given nor have access to CAC donor information and/or mailing lists.

6. The CAC is happy to provide brochures, pamphlets, and other organizational information for the third-party fundraiser. Please mention scope of needs when submitting the Third-Party Fundraising Event Application to secure sufficient quantities of each.

7. The third-party organizer is responsible for all third-party event expenses.

8. The third-party fundraising organizer is responsible for coordinating and maintaining all contracts, vendor agreements, licensing, insurance, and necessary permits for hosting the third-party fundraiser.

9. Third-party fundraisers are responsible for creating its own marketing materials, including press releases, PSA’s, social media posts, invitations, fliers, etc. The third-party fundraiser must submit all artwork and promotional materials to the CAC Development Team for review and approval prior to publication and distribution of these materials. Please allow the CAC staff five (5) business days to review and approve.

10. Third-party fundraisers must acknowledge the CAC as the beneficiary – not sponsor – of the fundraising event. All promotional materials must clearly state the percentage of proceeds (from gross or net amounts) and/or the portion of proceeds to benefit the CAC. Promotional materials used for third-party fundraising must include the following statement: “Proceeds to benefit the Children’s Advocacy Center of Benton County.”

11. The third-party fundraising proceeds from the event are expected no later than 30 days after the event. Proceeds can be sent electronically through our website and mention the specific third-party fundraising event in the notes or mailed to the CAC, 2113 Little Flock Drive, Little Flock, AR 72756 Attention: Development.

12. The third-party fundraiser must not use or share the CAC’s tax exemption in any way relating to the third-party fundraiser.

13. The CAC will not approve any third-party fundraiser if it promotes a potential political candidate, current candidate, or political party.

14. If the third-party fundraiser requests the event be held on the CAC premise, consideration will be made on a case-by-case basis.

15. Third-party fundraisers to host donation drives are requested to contact the CAC Development Team to determine the organization’s most critical needs prior to beginning the drive.

16. The CAC holds the right to decline any third-party fundraiser if it does not adhere to the organizational mission, fundraising efforts, or event calendar.

17. The CAC holds the right to cancel or disassociate with a third-party fundraiser at any time if these policies are not completely satisfied.

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