Our Mission

Empowering Children to Find Their Voice

Our Vision

Eliminate Child Abuse

Our Purpose

To provide a safe place for child abuse victims and their families to receive comprehensive services in a child-friendly atmosphere.

We Provide

  • Dedicated professional interviewers, nurses, counselors and advocates.
  • A coordinated team approach to understand and prevent child abuse.
  • Awareness and education to the community.

Arkansas Leads the Nation in Number of Traumatized Children

CACs matter. Our children matter. Check out the impact that CACs are playing in the lives of child abuse victims.


Help Empower Children Today

When you give, it ensures our services are available at no cost for the children and their families in need. Your donation makes our cause possible.

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How to Be More Charitable Without Spending Money

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Simple Ways Journaling Can Improve Your Life

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6 Benefits of Learning Another Language

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Children's Advocacy Center of Benton County

2113 Little Flock Drive
Little Flock, Arkansas 72756

 (479) 621-0385
 (479) 621-0467


Children's Advocacy Center of Western Benton County

1555 Shankles Road
Gentry, Arkansas 72734

 (479) 621-0385
 (479) 621-0467